Digital Worker Onboarding for

General Contractors


Make sure all of your projects are safe and

compliant with ʼһ

We make contractor management easy so you can save time and money.

  • 1Collect and store all your worker and subcontractor registration documents online
  • 2Enable workers to complete their orientation & training before they arrive on site
  • 3Track the status of worker qualifications and get alerts when they’re non-compliant

Your Onboarding, Online

Digitize your worker and subcontractor onboarding so workers can complete their onboarding anytime, anywhere, even before they set foot on site.

Better Onboarding for Everyone

Every worker deserves the best possible onboarding experience, no matter what language they speak. ʼһ delivers your complete onboarding in any language so you know your workers are safe.

Ditch the Paperwork

Stop the administrative hassle of collecting worker’s records manually and let your workers upload their information and credentials themselves. Build comprehensive digital records for your entire workforce.

Searchable Worker Records

Search and review your worker records anytime, anywhere. Verify which workers are qualified to be on site and which workers are currently on site so your worksite stays safe and compliant.

Prequalified and Compliant Subcontractors

Let your subcontractors submit required documents online for your review. Prequalify and approve your subcontractors before they send workers to your project.

Qualification Monitoring & Alerts

Automatically alert workers and subcontractors with expiring certifications or credentials to update their records. Reduce compliance risk and be sure every worker and sub is qualified to work.

Access Control for Everyone

Easy worker check-in and check-out that shows you who is and isn’t on your worksite. Integrates into access control and contractor management platforms for even more control over your project.

Qualified Workers Only

Every worker has a scannable QR code tied to their worker profile so you can verify their eligibility to work anywhere in the field. Reduce risk by making sure workers are only doing work they are trained and qualified to do.

Worker Data, Connected

Do more with your worker data by connecting into access control systems, construction management software, and other critical worksite systems.

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