Digital Worker Onboarding for

Safety Professionals


Save time while improving worksite safety and

compliance with ʼһ

We make onboarding easy so you can improve safety and compliance.

  • 1Collect and store all your worker's registration documents online
  • 2Workers complete their orientation & training online, even before they arrive on site
  • 3Keep everyone compliant and get alerts when documents expire

Your Onboarding, Online

Improve safety and save time by moving your onboarding online. Workers can complete your site specific onboarding anytime, anywhere, even before they arrive on site.

Language Specific Safety Training

Every worker deserves a comprehensive onboarding experience, no matter what language they speak. Build multilingual onboarding so everyone can stay safe and compliant on your worksite.

Qualified Workers Only

Make sure every worker is qualified to be on site and is properly trained to do their job. See what workers have expiring qualifications to make sure everyone is compliant.

Automatic Expiration Notifications

Don’t get caught with non-compliant workers on your job site. Workers receive automatic notifications if their credentials have expired or additional training is required and they can complete any requirements anytime, anywhere.

Ditch the Paperwork

Search, review and approve your worker records anytime, anywhere. Verify which workers are qualified to be on site and which are not, so you can be sure your workers are properly trained to be safe on your project.

Access Control for Everyone

Keep your site and workers safe with easy to use worker check-in and check-out. Integrate ʼһ into your access control and contractor management platforms for advanced worker compliance.

Spot Check In the Field

Check worker’s qualifications and training history from anywhere in the field using a mobile phone or tablet. Scan your worker’s individual QR code and pull up their full worker profile so you never have to dig through paperwork again.

Do More with Your Data

Keep your site safer by connecting your worker data into access control systems, construction management software, and other critical worksite systems.  

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