Save Time and Money with

Fully Digital Onboarding


Get workers on site faster with online

training and document collection

Onboard 3x Faster

Accelerate your onboarding without sacrificing quality and get workers on site 3x faster with ʼһ. Get your safety teams out of the training trailer and into the field. 

Onboard Workers Wherever, Whenever

Digital onboarding means your workers can complete their onboarding whenever and wherever they want, even before they set foot on site.

Onboarding for Every Worker, No Matter the Language

Make sure all of your workers, no matter their primary language, can get a complete and comprehensive training in the language they speak, without having a translator on site.

Collect, Store and Search Worker Records Online

Stop copying, filing and storing paperwork and let workers and subs upload their documents online. Easily search your digital worker records to get all the information you need.

Ditch the Paperwork and Save Resources

Stop wasting thousands of pages of paper on every project by digitizing worker records. Speed up onboarding by letting workers upload their documentation themselves.

Less Time in the Trailer, More Time in the Field

Accidents happen on the job site, not in the training room. Let your workers onboard themselves with ʼһ, and get your safety teams back in the field. 

Simple Site Check-In and Access Control

Let workers check-in and out of your site with the click of a button. Integrates with access control and contractor management software to speed up check in and ensure only qualified personnel are on site.

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