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Online Contractor Training, Registration, and Management

Save time while improving worksite safety and compliance with ʼһ

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We make contractor management easy so you can save time and money.

  • 1Collect and store all your worker and subcontractor registration documents online
  • 2Enable workers to complete their orientation & training before they arrive on site
  • 3Track the status of worker qualifications and get alerts when they’re non-compliant

Online Registrations, Document Collection and Storage

Collecting, copying and storing worker qualifications and information takes valuable time and resources away for the real work that needs to be done. ʼһ lets workers and subcontractors upload all necessary information before they set foot on your worksite.

Using tablet to manage worker and subcontractor approval
Construction worker taking an online training on a laptop

On-Demand, Online Trainings and Orientations

Making sure everyone on your project is properly trained and receives orientation to the job is critical, but doing in-person training eats up hours of your day, everyday. Move your project orientations online with ʼһ and let workers train and onboard themselves, wherever, whenever.

Construction worker taking an online training on a laptop

Central Worker Qualification Database

Stop digging through stacks of paperwork to make sure workers and subcontractors are compliant. ʼһ is your central database of all of the workers and companies who are eligible to work on your projects. We’ll even let you know when specific qualifications have expired.

Safety manager reviewing construction subcontractor credentials
Construction supervisor checking in workers to project

Site Access Control for Qualified Workers

Whether it’s someone on your team, a subcontractor, or a visitor, you need to ensure everyone is properly trained and registered before they enter your site. ʼһ’s check-in/check-out QR codes lets you quickly verify worker qualifications from your mobile device.

Construction supervisor checking in workers to project

On-Demand Requalification Alerts

When worker requirements or training updates are necessary, getting the word out to your workers for recertification can be a hassle. ʼһ automatically notifies your workers of changes so they can do what’s necessary to get back to work.

Construction worker being notified that their qualification is incomplete
Safety manager spot checking construction subcontractor with QR code

In-Field Credential Spot Checks

See a worker on site that you don’t recognize? ʼһ makes it easy to verify their credentials. Scan a ʼһ QR code enabled hard hat sticker, ID card, or digital ID card with any mobile device to see a worker’s registration and training information.

Safety manager spot checking construction subcontractor with QR code

Role, Project and Language Specific Onboarding

Every project is unique, and so is your workforce. ʼһ is built with the flexibility to deliver role, project and language specific onboardings so everyone can easily get the training they need to do their job safely.

Safety manager creating a new training for electricians
Construction Daily Screening Checklist

Daily Screening Checklists

Protecting your workers from contagious viruses is a critical part of keeping your project running on schedule and on budget. With daily screening checklists, you can automate the process of asking health screening questions while keeping detailed records of your worker’s responses.

Construction Daily Screening Checklist

Powerful Integrations

ʼһ integrates with popular applications for worksite management, access control, project management and even wearable technology. These integrations make it easy to manage your site more effectively and safely.

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