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Supercharge Your Worker Onboarding

Ditch the paperwork. Offer standardized site orientations online for every worker on your project.

ʼһ Makes Your Onboarding Safer, Faster and More Compliant

ʼһ is built to help construction general contractors move their worker onboarding and subcontractor safety management online.

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Why sites love ʼһ

Workers start 3x faster

Workers and managers don’t have to waste time on the first day of work

Save time and money

Tens of thousands of man hours and dollars are saved on every project

Eliminate paperwork

One central, accessible place for all worker documents that can be accessed from anywhere

Monitor and manage

Know if worker documents, qualifications or training are expiring before it happens

Headache-free reporting

Get the numbers you need, when you need them, in a simple way

Solve access control and badging

Only the workers who are 100% compliant get access to your site

Customize your worker onboarding

Issue role or location specific training or requirements to different workers, wherever they are, through multiple languages

Built for construction

Easy-to-use software built for workers that don’t like to fuss with new technology

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How ʼһ works



We work together to build your custom project platform.


Register & Train

Subcontract workers self register and upload information, critical documents and complete your site safety training.



Update training requirements for workers, generate reports,and qualify who can be on your job site.

Contractor management software built for the crew on the ground

Register, Train and Manage Your Workers Online

How many hours a week do you spend onboarding and training the contractors on your jobsite?

With ʼһ, you can get your time back and manage your workers and subcontractors more efficiently through online registration, training, approvals and compliance.

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