Digital Worker Onboarding

for Construction


Improve safety compliance, protect your crews,

improve your safety culture.

Optimize your onboarding and improve worker safety.

  • 1Digitize your worker and trade partner records so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • 2Workers complete their orientation & training online, even before they arrive on site
  • 3Ensure safety compliance and gain insights into the safety of your projects

Onboarding Everywhere, on Any Device

Modernize your worker and subcontractor onboarding by going online. Workers can complete your site specific onboarding anytime, anywhere, even before they arrive on site.

Compliance Intelligence on Every Project

Having just one unqualified or untrained worker on site can spell disaster for your project. Protect your workers and keep your subs compliant with easy to read workers qualification reports and analytics.

Standardize Safety Operations

Make sure everyone receives a proper safety orientation no matter what language they speak or their learning style. Reduce safety incidents and ensure compliance with digital onboarding.

All Your Projects, All in One Place

Centralize your worker and subcontractor records while delivering standardized, complete, and professional worker onboarding across all of your projects. Easily access critical compliance information in seconds with cloud-based worker records. 

Your Worker Onboarding at Scale

Have peace of mind that you can deliver your entire onboarding process consistently at scale. Deliver new training and critical information to your workforce from one centralized system.

Digitize Your Worker Records

Search and build reports to better understand your workers and subcontract worker’s qualifications. Ensure safety compliance across all your projects and teams by identifying issues before they become safety incidents or violations. 

Verify Your Subcontractor Workforce

Ensure that every subcontractor worker is registered, trained and qualified to be on your job sites. Empower your field teams to manage safety with easy to use software.

Efficiency in the Field

Digital onboarding means your teams spend more time walking the site and less time onboarding workers. Let workers complete their training online with their own device.

Happier, Safer Workers

97% of workers that use ʼһ say they are satisfied with their online onboarding experience. Give workers what they want and modernize and digitize your onboarding process.

Detailed Worker Data and Insights

Collect and integrate ʼһ’s worker and subcontractor data with your construction management software, business intelligence systems,  and more. Use ʼһ’s open API to share worker level insights across your business systems.

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