Improve Safety on Your Projects

with ʼһ


Digitize your onboarding process and improve

safety on your site for all workers

Standardize Your Safety Training Process

Make sure all of your workers receive the comprehensive, consistent onboarding and training they need to do their job safely, while keeping accurate records for every worker.

Multilingual Onboarding for a Diverse Workforce

Deliver your onboarding in your worker’s primary language so you can be sure they understand and retain critical safety information, making your site safer for everyone.

Self Paced Onboarding for All Learning Styles

Digital onboarding allows your workers to learn at the speed most comfortable for them, giving those with different learning styles the opportunity to get the most out of your onboarding.

Increase Your Safety Team’s Time On Site

Get your safety professionals out of the trailer and into the field so they can do their most important job, keeping workers safe on the jobsite, while still delivering a high quality onboarding experience.

Worker Check-in and Access Control

Easy to use interface for worker check-in that makes sure only qualified workers are on site. Integrates with access control and contractor management systems for even safer sites.

Easy Access to Worker Records

Ditch the paperwork and stop the endless copying and storage of documents. Let your workers upload their documents into your worker database themselves.

Notifications for Expired Certifications and Documents

Automatically notify workers before their licenses and certifications expire and keep workers off your jobsite until they are up to date. Keep your workers compliant and safe.

Comprehensive and Searchable Worker Records

Never hunt for paperwork again with digitized worker records. Quickly pull up reports to see who’s qualified, who isn’t, and who has been invited by a subcontractor to come on your worksite.

Spot Check Worker’s Qualifications

Need to check a worker’s qualifications while out on the site? Simply scan the worker’s ʼһ QR code and see everything you need to know to tell if they are qualified to be on site.

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